For over 50 years, United Church Funds (UCF) has been committed to the work of social and racial justice in managing the assets of churches and faith-based institutions. Today, we recognize that there is much more to do, and therefore we must redouble our efforts and work collaboratively to achieve real and lasting change.

As a responsible investor, UCF is committed to strengthening our efforts by taking concrete steps toward racial justice and equality.

Shareholder Actions

In 2020, UCF shareholder efforts included:

The UCF Board is committed to addressing racial equity within the investment manager selection and portfolio construction process, and this will continue to be a priority in implementing our investment strategy in 2021 and beyond. Lisa Hinds, UCF Investment Committee Chair, has stated: “We are specifically (and unapologetically) seeking institutional quality Black-owned, managed, operated and staffed asset managers whose mission aligns with ours.”

UCF Staff Diversity

In 2019, UCF appointed its first person of color as President & CEO, the Rev. Dr. Charles Buck. He joined a diverse team, 75% of whom represent historically under-represented populations in the financial industry, including African-American, Hispanics and Asians.

In 2020, UCF

  • Facilitated safe conversations on race and racism among staff and board;
  • Observed Juneteenth as a UCF holiday and advocating its observance nationwide;
  • Matched employee contributions to non-profit organizations fighting for racial equity and justice;
  • Committed to continued diversity in hiring of staff and nomination of board members.

With still so much more to do, UCF will continue to work with our partners and on behalf of our clients to ensure that their investments make a positive impact on people’s lives, communities and the world.

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