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UCF shared our approach to using divestment as a tool of responsible investing amidst student protests for divestment in Israel.

Who We Are


Assets under management
From small reserve accounts to one of the denomination’s historic endowments


Clients we serve
Helping local churches and faith-based organizations achieve their missions


Years of responsible asset management
Non-profit, values-aligned and committed to improving the world


Professionally-managed investment funds
Well-diversified and socially responsible investment funds that span the spectrum of risk and return

Investment Funds

Our family of fund options provide churches and ministries with a diverse range of investment opportunities for spending and long-term growth.
Managed Funds
Create a custom portfolio from our selection of actively managed investment funds.
Funds of Funds
View our combination of managed funds designed with varying asset allocation strategies.
Net Assets Values
Get daily updates on how your investments are performing.
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Values-Aligned Investing

We provide our clients with Responsible Investments (RI) that align with their values and work toward meaningful, permanent change.
What We Invest In
Explore our commitment to providing socially responsible investments that make a positive impact.
What We Do Not Invest In
Learn more about our exclusionary screening process and its influence on our investment strategies.
What We Vote For
Discover how our Proxy Voting Guidelines help companies operate more responsibly and sustainably.
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Planned Giving

We provide the resources and marketing tools to help UCC churches and ministries integrate planned giving into their existing endowment program.
Aligning Your Goals
Explore ways to support your ministry and meet its financial goals.
Supporting Your Initiatives
Discover the resources UCF provides to promote your planned giving initiatives.
Giving You Options
See what planned giving options a donor can make to your church or ministry.
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Success Stories

Our Clients

UCF’s responsible investing strategy and screening processes match our values. In addition, UCF’s steady, consistent investment return helps us meet our financial goals and fund our ministries. Having the trust and the faith that our money is invested responsibly and giving us a return to enable us to do our work is crucial. UCF works very hard to make it possible for us to do both.
What sets UCF apart from other managers are UCF’s diversified investment strategy, active monitoring of its investment managers and willingness to change investment partners if need be.
UCF's mission to help churches and organizations build wealth for their missions came through loud and clear. UCF welcomed our initial investment and understood our goal to grow and create a stable endowment strategically and responsibly.
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News and resources

Discover What’s New

Earth Day: An Interview with PGIM Quantitative

Stacie Mintz, PGIM Quantitative Managing Director and Head of Quantitative Equity, discusses BFF strategies, integrating climate justice work into investment strategies, and measures for mitigating climate-related risks to investment portfolios and long-term returns. Click to watch the video.

Evolving Beyond Divesting

This article discusses the evolvement of UCF Beyond Fossil Fuels Funds and market performance that consistently outperform their benchmarks and peer groups, proving false the perception that responsible climate strategies harm investment performance and returns. Click to read more.

2023 Annual Report

We are pleased to present, “Investing for a Sustainable Future,” UCF’s Annual Report for 2023. This report highlights and illustrates our unwavering commitment, efforts and approaches to responsible investing to sustain our clients’ financial growth while creating a more just and sustainable future for all. Click to read and download the report.