First Congregational Church, Pasadena / Co-Pastor

Rev. John H. Pomeroy

Partnering with UCF has allowed us to align our investment portfolio with our values and ensure the proper stewardship of our endowment. We are proud to share that they have offered more than $100,000 in outreach grants to organizations in the community.

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Camp Adams / Co-Director of Outdoor Ministries

Natalie Becker

By selecting UCF as our investment partner, Camp Adams has been able to find new financial stability that is based on careful management of funds. This stability is allowing us to explore environmental and eco-justice initiatives in a way we would not be able to if we were operating solely …

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United Church of Christ / General Minister and President

The Rev. John C. Dorhauer

United Church Funds has responded to our socially responsible investing calling without threatening the health of our investment. Together with the UCC financial ministries, UCF works to meet the financial needs of local churches to sustain and advance their missions.

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First Congregational Church of Long Beach / Senior Minister

The Rev. Elena Larssen

Investing with United Church Funds is more than just values-aligned. UCF’s connection with the United Church of Christ means that we are operating with a partner that respects our culture and theological views. The responsiveness of the staff and the seriousness about social justice screening are in line with our …

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First Congregational Church UCC, Bellevue / Investment Committee Chair

Otis Gillaspie

UCF offers flexibility in determining investment distributions. We also appreciate UCF’s approach to managing their managers: UCF is continuously looking at the returns of the investment managers, evaluating and making changes as needed to ensure that their long-term investment returns are competitive. UCF provides frequent communications that give us comfort …

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