Investing with a Mission: Performance Beyond the Numbers

Serving as a trusted investment partner for churches and faith-based organizations for over 100 years, UCF has an in-depth understanding of unique financial needs and goals of faith-based organizations — as well as the guiding principles and missions that inspire them.

Changing the World through Socially Responsible Investing

Established in 1909, United Church Funds helps churches and faith-based organizations make socially responsible investments (SRI) that improve the world we live in and reflect our shared values.

As part of our efforts, we work with ecumenical leaders and like-minded investors to actively address the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that make sustainable capitalism possible. We do this by:

  • Investing in companies that operate responsibly and sustainably
  • Providing a family of diversified funds managed for prudence and performance
  • Observing the legal guidelines that govern faith-based institutional endowments

Aligning Purpose with Performance

Acting as the institutional investment ministry of the UCC, United Church Funds offers a family of expertly managed, well-diversified funds that blend values-aligned investments with competitive performance. We currently manage over $800 million in assets from ministries across the investment spectrum – from small church reserve accounts to some of the denomination’s historic endowments.

As a trusted investment partner, we offer UCC churches and ministries the following advantages:

Investing with United Church Funds gives churches and UCC ministries access to the team, services, resources and modern portfolio management that adhere to – and build on – the values of the United Church of Christ. By seeking to align strong investment performance with our shared purpose, we make money more available for your ministry.


United Church Funds supports our clients’ missions and generates outstanding values-aligned investment performance.


Investment that creates a just world for all.

Our core values help us guide and measure our plans and our actions, as individuals and as an organization —

We seek to operate at the highest level to provide accurate, high-performing, professional, reliable and sustainable results as a leader in our industry.

In every action and interaction, we seek to perform accountably, ethically, transparently — nurturing our relationships, our financial resources and our human assets.

In the tradition of faith, we engage with clients, colleagues and all others where they are— fostering respect, honoring their gifts and grounding our interactions in a spirit of welcome.

We evolve with you — our product offerings, capabilities and outlook provide solutions for our clients’ current and anticipated missional needs and challenges.

With the voices of many, we are greater. Our team, our partners and our acts will encourage the plurality of opinion that arises with intentional inclusion.

We commit to bold action in support of the environment and the global community — in doing so, we believe we are acting morally and also on behalf of our clients’ long-term financial health.

Our Investments

We provide a family of 11 traditional funds and three alternative options that offer the performance and flexibility to meet your timeline, risk tolerance and return objectives.
News and Resources

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UCF Introduces The Just World Fund

UCF today announced the launch of the Just World Fund, a fixed income impact fund that will enable churches and faith-based organizations to leverage their investable assets to address global economic justice, fair housing, human rights to water and nutrition, and solutions for environmental security.

Q2 2019 Performance Webinar

In this webinar, Minoti Dhanaraj, Senior Investment Analyst, joins Kathryn McCloskey, Director, Social Responsibility, to discuss second-quarter investment performance; UCF’s investment strategy and positioning; and exciting news about the launch of the Just World Fund, a fixed income impact fund that offers a unique opportunity to invest in inclusive finance (impact investing).

UCF Celebrates Bank of America’s Decision to Stop Financing Private Prisons

Just days after General Synod decried the private prison industry, United Church Funds is celebrating its part in the decision Bank of America has made to stop its financing of the industry.