Brown Scholarship Brochure

Since its inception, the Brown Endowment has provided over $5 million in funding for scholarships and continuing education, supporting the ministries of more than 5,000 individuals. Click to download the brochure.

UCC Financial Ministries

UCC Financial Ministries work to help protect and grow churches. Learn more by downloading the brochure.

United Church Funds Brochure

UCF general brochure that highlights the benefits of investing with UCF and describes the various socially responsible investment funds UCF offers.

The Essentials of Endowments

The Essentials of Endowments is from the Building a Legacy series that includes essential information on endowments.

Beyond Fossil Fuels Funds Brochure

This brochure describes the main elements of the Beyond Fossil Fuels Fund and Beyond Fossil Fuels Balanced Fund.

Social Issues Proxy Voting Guidelines

The UCF Social Issues Proxy Voting Guidelines.