Faith-based Investors Gather Virtually to Listen and Learn

Learn what responsible investors are talking about from Matthew Illian’s highlights of the recent fall conference of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.

Responsible Investing and the UCC

The United Church of Christ has a long and commendable legacy of turning to faith values to guide its economic practices. This legacy also guides UCF’s work in managing the assets of churches and faith-based institutions. View and download an infographic that shows the evolution of responsible investing in the UCC.

Regulatory Update on Responsible Investing (1)

Matthew Illian, Director of Responsible Investing provides a summary and analysis of recently issued policy recommendations and legislation that affect shareholder resolutions and ESG investing.

Socially Responsible Investing #ForNature

World Environment Day falls on June 5. In commemoration, UCF is proud to share the partnerships we have forged, the work that we have accomplished and the progress of our initiatives to help address environmental issues. Read our initiatives, from our launch of the Beyond Fossil Fuels Fund to our response in addressing the climate crisis. 

AbbVie Shareholders Support Resolution on Link between Drug Price and Executive Pay

Today, 23.9% of voting shareholders of AbbVie, a U.S. pharmaceutical company, supported a United Church Funds-led shareholder resolution to report on the “feasibility of incorporating public concern over high drug price into the senior executive compensation arrangement.” 

UCF’s Shareholder Resolution for Gilead Sciences Receives 43.4% Support

United Church Funds is proud to have coordinated a shareholder resolution with Gilead Sciences, Inc. that received 43.4% support at Gilead’s annual general meeting on May 6, 2020. The resolution requested the company to separate the position of the Chair of the Board from the CEO position.

Investors Urge Pharma Companies to Work Collaboratively on COVID-19 Response

United Church Funds, along with investor members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, sent letters to the CEOs of 14 pharmaceutical companies, calling for a collaborative approach in the development of health technologies, including diagnostics, treatments and a vaccine in the global fight against COVID-19.

Principles for Responsible Investment Conference Highlights

UCF attended the PRI in Person event last September. As a signatory, UCF commits to incorporating ESG issues into our investment policy, analysis and decision-making. Learn more about what happened during the PRI in Person in this article.

Investors’ Role in Combatting the Climate Crisis Emphasized at UN Climate Week, PRI in Person Event

United Church Funds recently took part in two significant events – the UN Climate Week as well as the PRI in Person Event. The new concepts and frameworks that the PRI in Person and the UN Climate Week provided will arm us with the implements to continue to improve our own climate response and responsible investing platform.

Creating a Just World Through Values-aligned Investing

In light of the UNGA meeting, UCF is pleased to share some of the work we have accomplished to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide the international community in common pursuit of solving the world’s problems. UCF has contributed to the positive outcomes of several global goals using our core socially responsible investing strategies of engagement, asset alignment and innovative product offerings.