It is with great pride that United Church Funds (UCF) celebrates the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (MACUCC) Board of Director’s decision to transfer all of their assets currently invested with UCF to the Beyond Fossil Fuels Balanced Fund.

The MACUCC is the first Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC) to move its whole corpus to a fossil fuel-free offering, thus fulfilling one of the calls of the 2013 United Church of Christ General Synod’s resolution “Urging Divestment – Along with Other Strategies – from Fossil Fuel Companies.”

“Realizing the Massachusetts Conference’s vision for financial security without reliance on fossil fuel investments is extremely gratifying,” said Jim Antal, MACUCC Minister. “Being a beacon for extending our values to our endowment is an important part of leadership for Conference.”

“What the Beyond Fossil Fuels funds really offers is terrific investment performance and avoidance of oil, coal and gas companies while also maintaining a view to the social aspects of what it means to be a faith-based investor. UCF doesn’t stop at fossil fuels companies – we also make sure to avoid gun manufacturers, private prisons, tobacco companies and others. It’s not an either-or decision like you would have to make for most investors seeking a socially responsible investment fund,” said Donald G. Hart, President of UCF.

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