December 2020 Market Review

This article summarizes the markets and our funds’ performance for the month of December 2020, provided by our Chief Investment Strategist David A. Klassen.

UCF Co-Files Shareholder Resolutions Seeking Workplace Equity Data

UCF is partnering with As You Sow and co-filed three shareholder resolutions urging corporate transparency on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

UCF Strengthens Commitment to Racial Equity

As a responsible investor, UCF is committed to strengthening our efforts and taking concrete steps toward racial justice and equality. UCF will continue to work with our partners and on behalf of our clients to ensure that their investments make a positive impact on people’s lives, communities and the world. Read more on concrete steps UCF has taken toward racial justice and equality.

Helping Churches Manage Financial Assets Amid Uncertainty

A recording of a live meeting during AM21 meeting on December 8-9, 2020 focusing on helping churches manage financial assets amid uncertainty.

Q4-2020 Client Account Statements

Account statements as of December 31, 2020, are available via the Client Access link. We have also prepared the Q4 investor letter from Charles Buck, President and CEO.

Fiduciary Focus, Q1 2020: Gift Acceptance Policy

A Matthew Wagner, Vice President of Institutional Relationships, has prepared this article that lays out practices and strategies in creating a Gift Acceptance Policy – an essential but often overlooked section of endowment governance.