United Church Funds (UCF) today unveiled a new visual identity, symbolizing its renewed dedication to delivering competitive performance while fostering collaboration toward building a sustainable world.

The new visual identity gracefully encapsulates UCF’s mission, embodying its values of faith, collaboration, diversity and sustainability. At the heart of the design is the cross, formed by four disparate blocks of varied colors and sizes. This symbol represents UCF’s identity as a faith-based organization and its collaborative approach to working with diverse stakeholders toward a common goal of creating a more sustainable world.

The array of vibrant colors in the logo reflects UCF’s commitment to diversity, which has always been a top priority but has taken on greater weight in recent years. The spectrum of colors symbolizes the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideas that come together within the community of UCF’s investors and partners to drive positive change.

Charles Buck, UCF President & CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the new visual identity, stating: “UCF is thrilled to introduce our new logo, which better reflects the work we do, emphasizing our commitment and inspiring people to join us in achieving our vision of a more sustainable future.”

UCF’s Renewed Vision and Mission

While maintaining its excellent reputation as a values- and faith-based investor, UCF has strengthened its commitment to leveraging the power of collective action and investment to help faith-based organizations grow their investments, advance their missions and build a just and sustainable world for all. To that end UCF is also introducing new vision and mission statements, along with a new tagline, to reinvigorate this commitment. They are as follow:

Our Mission: To support our clients’ missions through sustainable and responsible investing.

Our Vision: A just and sustainable world for all.

Tagline: Investing together for a sustainable world.

UCF’s Continued Commitment to Competitive Performance and Superior Client Service

Buck further emphasized that while UCF has a new logo, its commitment to offering competitive performance, superior client service and creating positive and meaningful change remains unwavering.

“Our vision for a just and sustainable world has not changed and will not change. We are proud of our past accomplishments,” Buck said, noting that in 2023, UCF managed over $1 billion in assets under management for 1,100 churches and faith-based organizations, helping them fund their mission through their growing investment. On the responsible investing front, UCF will continue its active engagement with companies to hold them accountable for business practices that might harm the environment or violate human rights.

“We will continue to be our clients’ partner, stewarding their assets prudently and leveraging them to create positive and meaningful change, reinforcing our shared commitment to sustainability and collaboration,” Buck added. “As we progress with those goals, we thank you for your trust and support and invite others to join us in our journey.”