United Church Funds (UCF) has joined a coalition of over 300 faith- and values-based investors, led by the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), that calls on corporations to leverage their collective voices and power to support free and fair elections.

On October 22, ICCR sent a letter to more than 200 corporations stating that collective action to ensure free and fair elections – perhaps our most fundamental and inalienable right – should be a priority for our government, for all business leaders and every citizen.

UCF President & CEO Charles Buck said: “As a founding member of the ICCR, UCF fully supports this initiative. We share the same concern that the climate instability surrounding the 2020 election will deter economic recovery and impact every aspect of our society.”

Buck added: “It is important to note that corporations have the social license granted with a commitment to creating a just society to support their business. We hope the business community will see this as an opportunity to exhibit its leadership in protecting our democracy’s integrity and promote confidence in our elections, which will promote long-term economic stability.”

The letter lists six principles that the business community can endorse and communicate, including:

  1. Active support for free and fair elections
  2. A call for a thorough and complete counting of all ballots
  3. A call for all states to ensure a fair election by adopting policies and procedures that promote the right of citizens to vote
  4. A condemnation of any tactics that could be construed as voter intimidation
  5. Assurance that, should the incumbent Administration lose the election, there will be a peaceful transfer of power
  6. Ensure that lobbying activities and political donations support the above

The United Church of Christ’s General Minister and President, the Rev. John C. Dorhauer, said: “One of the critical qualities of democracy is the assurance of a free, fair and respected election. All parties must be willing to defend these basic principles. This nation can only live up to its democratic ideals when all are confident that they can vote freely, and all parties must be willing to defend this basic principle.”

The UCC has prepared resources, including webinars and worships, leading up to the November 3 election. Click here to access them.

Download the press release here.