United Church Funds (UCF) today announced an important update pertaining to UCF exclusionary screening policy.

While UCF has made changes over the years, its screening policy has not been holistically examined since 2001. It was time to check in with the deeply held values of the church and figure out how best to express those values through our investment process.

United Church Funds gathered a group of leaders to help us align its values with its socially responsible investing (SRI) platform with the primary focus on updating the screens. As a result, UCF has modernized its exclusionary screening policy and will start implementing this in January 2018. 

United Church Funds is committed to offering our clients competitive investment performance. The UCF investment staff and the investment committee will continue to frequently monitor any impact these screens would have on performance. 

To learn more about the screens UCF maintains and the new screens the organization has adopted, please read the full press release or watch this short video