United Church Funds (UCF) is deeply saddened by the tragic violence that has broken out in Israel/Palestine. While recognizing this issue is deeply rooted in a long and complicated history, UCF stands with our friends, clients and partners in strongly condemning all acts of violence and civilian suffering and mourning the loss of both Israeli and Palestinian lives.

As a responsible investor, UCF maintains a steadfast commitment to the principles of non-violence, advocating for peaceful solutions to conflicts. For years, UCF has adhered to a longstanding policy that does not seek profit from war and military weapons. We continue to uphold that policy by diligently monitoring all our funds’ holdings to ensure that our clients’ investment portfolios are not profiting from war and violence in any region of the world, including Israel/Palestine.

In alignment with our values and principles, UCF supports the United Church of Christ’s General Synod resolutions on conflict and war, namely the Declaration for a Just Peace between Palestine and Israel, Affirming United Church of Christ as a Just Peace Church and the Resolution on Direct Investment in Weapons Producers (1983). These resolutions serve as guiding principles for developing and implementing our responsible and sustainable investment strategies, emphasizing peace, justice and humanitarian values. UCF also affirms the UCC and the wider ecumenical community’s call to Congress to address the crisis in Israel/Palestine. Click here to read the letter.

In these turbulent times, UCF’s focus remains on promoting peace, justice and non-violence, and we will continue to align our investment practices with values that promote justice and human rights for all.