Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is the process of selecting companies to invest in that have sustainable and ethical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, while challenging those that don’t to amend their business strategies.

United Church Funds’ Socially Responsible Investing Program Aligns Values and Finance

UCF’s SRI program reflects our belief that faith-based investing align with the principles of the United Church of Christ. Additionally, our long-term investing strategy is best achieved when companies are operating in a sustainable manner. Companies that have the most comprehensive ESG improvement plans tend to be better long-term performers.

As sustainability becomes a wider topic of conversation across all industries, UCF is excited to use this opportunity to initiate regular discussions with key players around global justice issues. Using a multi-faceted approach, our SRI strategy incorporates — corporate engagements, shareholder resolutions, collaboration with key partners, proxy voting and screened portfolios. Along with encouraging our managers to invest responsibly, the heart of our program is in shareholder activism and using our economic leverage to maintain ongoing corporate engagements.

Using our team of savvy finance professionals and experts in sustainability, UCF aims to make sustainable capitalism possible. We pride ourselves on working together to create a fine balance between meeting our fiduciary responsibility and ensuring that everybody benefits from the profits.

Core Practices

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