Bill Lee is a highly accomplished Chief Investment Officer renowned for his exceptional contributions to large not-for-profit foundations and pension plans over the past two decades. With a strong track record of success, he has established an $11 billion custom mutual fund family and overseen mutual fund board operations dedicated to not-for-profit healthcare participants.

Lee’s investment strategies have consistently delivered top-ranked risk-adjusted returns, surpassing the renowned big-name investment firms over the last decade.

In addition to his professional achievements, Lee is a sought-after speaker at industry investment management conferences and has been recognized as a Top 100 CIO in the 2010s and 2020s. He received the prestigious Best Health Care Investment Team award from Institutional Investor in 2014 and the NASP Big Apple award for LEAP in 2018, along with the Leadership Award in 2015.

Currently, Lee serves on multiple boards, including the Rockefeller Bros. Fund, where he is a member of the Investment, Executive, Audit, and Nominating Committees and a Trustee. He is also one of three trustees for a large family trust and a member of the International Electronic and Electrical Engineers Association Investment Committee. Moreover, Lee is a member of the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee for The Pacific Pension Institute, as well as a member of the Investment Committee and Honorary Board for Alonzo King Lines Ballet.

Lee holds a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Harvard Business School and earned a Master’s in Business Administration focusing on Finance from California State University, Hayward, School of Economics & Business Administration. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance.