Creating a Just World Through Values-aligned Investing

In light of the UNGA meeting, UCF is pleased to share some of the work we have accomplished to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide the international community in common pursuit of solving the world’s problems. UCF has contributed to the positive outcomes of several global goals using our core socially responsible investing strategies of engagement, asset alignment and innovative product offerings.

Q2 2019 Performance Webinar

In this webinar, Minoti Dhanaraj, Senior Investment Analyst, joins Kathryn McCloskey, Director, Social Responsibility, to discuss second-quarter investment performance; UCF’s investment strategy and positioning; and exciting news about the launch of the Just World Fund, a fixed income impact fund that offers a unique opportunity to invest in inclusive finance (impact investing).

New Account Application

Formally known as the Funds Description Statement, this eight-page document functions as a type of prospectus for United Church Funds, describing our various funds, policies, investment objectives and risks, considerations for fund selection and more.

Penn West Conference Money and Ministry Event

Join us for a Money and Ministry event on October 19, hosted by Penn West Conference. Representatives from Financial Ministries of the UCC will discuss best practices on a variety of topics about a church’s financial health such as stewardship campaigns, investments, fiscal management and planned giving.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This article features the social responsibility program of United Church Funds, which goes far beyond simple investment screens.

Deposit to an Existing Account

A form to make a deposit to your account at UCF.

Building an Endowment with Planned Giving

This article explains the most popular options for people wanting to remember their church in their estate planning.

Faithful Management and Fiduciary Responsibility

This article explains the most popular options for people wanting to remember their church in their estate planning.


This article offers an overview of alternative investments including hedge funds, real estate and private equity.

Making a Plan: Building a Sound Investment Policy

This article highlights five essential steps in the development of a well-considered investment policy – an essential document endowments of any size.