Faithful Management and Fiduciary Responsibility

This article explains the most popular options for people wanting to remember their church in their estate planning.


This article offers an overview of alternative investments including hedge funds, real estate and private equity.

Making a Plan: Building a Sound Investment Policy

This article highlights five essential steps in the development of a well-considered investment policy – an essential document endowments of any size.

Reconsidering the Endowment Spending Policy

This article highlights the concept of a spending policy based on Total Return – the contemporary and successor spending model to the outdated “save the principal, spend the income.”

Statement of Investment Policy

United Church Funds’ Statement of Investment Policy, updated in June 2021

Glossary of Investment Terms

A list of commonly used investment terms.

Conflict of Interest Policy

United Church Funds’ Conflicts of Interest Policy is reviewed and signed annually by all members of the Board of Directors and Board committees. UCF certifies that no conflicts have been reported.