After a year of conversation, negotiation, learning and more discussion, United Church Funds is proud to announce that General Synod 29 has voted with 72.5% to approve the resolution Urging Divestment — Along with Other Strategies — from Fossil Fuel Companies to Address Climate Change. “This resolution calls on each and allof us to make difficult changes to the way we live each day of our lives, in order to be a part of the rescue of Creation,” said Don Hart, President of United Church Funds.

At General Synod, speeches for and against a resolution must be completed within two minutes, so Mr. Hart’s speech to Synod ran just 90 seconds — but he captured both the spirit of covenant and of UCF’s commitment that is embodied in this resolution —

 Through its 40-year history of socially responsible investing, United Church Funds has served with several faith-based investor coalitions who recognize the threat of climate change — calling for fossil fuel companies to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. We pursue our social responsibility work out of our conviction to remain in covenant with the audacious witness of the UCC.

We welcome the urgency of this resolution and of the burgeoning groundswell of voices calling for immediate change. We pledge to honor this resolution by committing to each identified action, and continuing the conversation about how the UCC uses its investment power.
This resolution calls on each and all of us to make difficult changes to the way we live each day of our lives in order to be a part of the rescue of Creation. And this resolution gives your church the option to invest in a way that is consistent with this goal.

For United Church Funds, the road ahead will not be easy or cheap. But then again, the United Church of Christ deserves nothing less from us. Creation deserves nothing less from us.

We invite you to join us in supporting this resolution.

We invite you to keep track of our progress through our news & updates.