The Alternatives Fund invests in a combination of hedge funds, real estate funds, real asset funds and other investments, seeking to increase diversification across additional asset classes and achieve returns not correlated with the indices of UCF’s current investment options.

Organization Management

Magnitude Capital

Magnitude Capital manages a fund of hedge funds in a global, multi-strategy portfolio. Magnitude orients its portfolio mainly to relative-value funds that provide active returns and offer diversification to the primary returns streams of equity and fixed income markets. Magnitude employs a highly analytical approach to evaluating managers and constructing this portfolio. Headquartered in New York, Magnitude was founded in 2002 …


The diversified North American Real Estate portfolio managed by Heitman focuses on high quality investments in major metropolitan areas. Heitman’s portfolio is diversified by geography with investments across the US in office space, apartments, retail, industrial use, and self-storage sites. Heitman seeks to generate returns from both the income of its assets as well as price appreciation of the properties. Founded in …

Evanston Capital Management

Evanston Capital Management (ECM) manages a fund of hedge funds. Their Weatherlow Fund employs a global, multi-strategy approach focused around long-short equity funds. Evanston employs a fundamental and highly selective process in choosing underlying funds where a sustainable edge appears present. Additionally, the team uses their experience to tilt the portfolio toward strategies that may outperform depending on the anticipated environments. Evanston …

Abbey Capital

Abbey Capital manages a diversified portfolio of Global Macro managers for UCF in a fund of hedge funds structure. Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, when included with equity and fixed income portfolios have historically enhanced diversification, reduced volatility, and preserved wealth over the long term. Global Macro strategies, also known as managed futures, are investments in currency, commodities and derivatives …
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UCF Introduces The Just World Fund

UCF today announced the launch of the Just World Fund, a fixed income impact fund that will enable churches and faith-based organizations to leverage their investable assets to address global economic justice, fair housing, human rights to water and nutrition, and solutions for environmental security.

How ESG Investing Helps Address the Opioid Crisis

Scially Responsible Investing (SRI) refers to investment strategies that seek not only to provide financial return but also the process…

Creating a Just World Through Values-aligned Investing

In light of the UNGA meeting, UCF is pleased to share some of the work we have accomplished to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide the international community in common pursuit of solving the world’s problems. UCF has contributed to the positive outcomes of several global goals using our core socially responsible investing strategies of engagement, asset alignment and innovative product offerings.