The Alternatives Fund invests in a combination of hedge funds, real estate funds, real asset funds and other investments, seeking to increase diversification across additional asset classes and achieve returns not correlated with the indices of UCF’s current investment options.

Organization Management

Auldbrass Capital Partners

Founded in 2011 as a spin-out from Citigroup, Auldbrass Partners is a 100% employee-owned firm. The firm specializes in executing private equity strategies with excellent companies with strong sustainable growth and resilience that can be reasonably expected to achieve liquidity in the near-term. The experienced team has over $5 billion in deal experience and deep relationships across the PE eco-sphere. Auldbrass CP is headquartered in New York, NY.

Lumos Capital

Lumos Capital invests in growth stage companies creating the future of learning and work. Investments are typically made in $10 – $30M tech-enabled human capital development businesses focused on education technology, workforce development, and knowledge services. Lumos leadership is actively engaged in portfolio companies by committing time, network, and capital to accelerate our portfolio companies’ product leadership and international expansion. Lumos is based in San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY.

Neuberger Berman

Neuberger Berman was founded in 1939. From offices in 35 cities worldwide, Neuberger Berman manages a range of equity, fixed income, private equity and hedge fund strategies on behalf of institutions, advisors and individual investors worldwide. With more than 600 investment professionals and approximately 2,200 employees in total, Neuberger Berman has built a diverse team of individuals united in their commitment to client outcomes and investment excellence and managed over $84 billion of assets.

Magnitude Capital

Magnitude Capital LLC manages a fund of hedge funds in a global, multi-strategy portfolio. Magnitude orients its portfolio mainly to relative-value funds that provide active returns and offer diversification to the primary returns streams of equity and fixed income markets. Magnitude employs a highly analytical approach to evaluating managers and constructing this portfolio. Headquartered in New York, Magnitude was founded in 2002 and manages $3 billion.

Heitman Capital Management

Founded in 1966, Heitman Capital Management LLC is based in Chicago and manages over$26 billion across a variety of global real estate funds. The diversified North American Real Estate portfolio managed by Heitman focuses on high quality investments in major metropolitan areas. Heitman’s portfolio is diversified by geography with investments across the US in office space, apartments, retail, industrial use and self-storage sites. Heitman seeks to generate returns from both the income of its assets as well as price appreciation of the properties.

Evanston Capital Management

Evanston Capital Management (ECM) manages a fund of hedge funds. Their Weatherlow Fund employs a global, multi-strategy approach focused around long-short equity funds. Evanston employs a fundamental and highly selective process in choosing underlying funds where a sustainable edge appears present. Additionally, the team uses their experience to tilt the portfolio toward strategies that may outperform depending on the anticipated environments. Evanston manages $4.4 billion, headquartered in Evanston, IL, and was founded in 2002.

Abbey Capital

Abbey Capital manages a diversified portfolio of Global Macro managers for UCF in a fund of hedge funds structure. Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, when included with equity and fixed income portfolios have historically enhanced diversification, reduced volatility and preserved wealth over the long term. Global Macro strategies, also known as managed futures, are investments in currency, commodities and derivatives structured by complex trading rules and models. Abbey overlays a strict risk management discipline to determine allocations to its selection of managers. Founded in 2000, Abbey Capital is based in Dublin, Ireland, and manages $3.6 billion.

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UCF Statement on Regional Bank Failures

Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and the recent takeover of Credit Suisse Bank by UBS have sparked concerns of a more significant banking crisis and investment losses due to sudden events. David Klassen, Chief Investment Strategist, has prepared this statement to explain the event, market reaction and UCF’s position on our investment strategies. Click to read more.

UCF Exceeds Goal in Asset Manager Diversity

UCF today announced that it exceeded goal in asset manager diversity by contracting of a new asset manager, Xponance, a Black-founded and majority Black-owned multi-strategy investment firm. Xponance will manage a portion of UCF’s large cap portfolio utilizing a passive, S&P 500 screened index strategy, consistent with UCF’s existing social screens.

An Interview with Xponance

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March and International Women’s Day on March 8, Stacey Pettice, UCF’s Institutional Relationships Executive, sat down with Tina Byles Williams, founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Xponance, to discuss the importance of diversity in finance management, responsible investing strategies and which women have most inspired Williams herself. Click to watch the video.