Acknowledging the Impact of Fossil Fuels

United Church Funds has a long history of participating in shareholder activism around climate change. Inspired by the UCC’s adoption of a resolution on fossil fuel divestment during the 2013 General Synod, UCF has expanded its response to climate change.

Through this resolution and our partnerships, United Church Funds:

  • Engages in discussions and dialogues with a range of climate change stakeholders
  • Co-files shareholder resolutions with companies financing fossil fuels projects
  • Created the Beyond Fossil Fuels Funds – funds free of companies that explore for fossil fuels

Our Board of Directors and team consider such direct engagements the foundation of our socially responsible investing program. We also believe these engagements to be essential to moving fossil fuel companies toward positive and decisive action.

CLICK HERE to download a report UCF has prepared for General Synod XXXIV. This report outlines a review of actions and accomplishments in response to the General Synod XXIX Resolutions: “Urging Divestment…from Fossil Fuel Companies.”

Balancing Engagements with Investor Interests

Investors come to UCF for many reasons. Some invest with UCF for our socially responsible perspective, while others invest with us despite our strong position, encouraging us to choose higher returns over the use of screens and direct engagements.

We are united with the UCC in its position to use shareholder engagement and activism to ensure the message of justice continues to be heard in boardrooms across the country.

When divestment proposals are brought forward, we move with caution to educate our board, assess the progress of our efforts, evaluate the potential financial impacts on our portfolios, and explore a range of possible responses. Doing so not only helps us tackle such important issues as environmental justice and Creation protection, but it also helps publicize our values and deliver a message of sustainable capitalism to corporations worldwide.

As our fiduciary responsibility evolves, we continually look to our clients, partners and colleagues inside and outside the UCC to balance our moral obligations with investor interests.