At United Church Funds (UCF), we field questions from investors and prospective clients every day. Below, we’ve answered those we hear most frequently — but if you have a question we haven’t addressed, click here to email your question, or call us toll-free at 877-806-4989.

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Opening a New Account

What is the minimum deposit for opening a new account?
How do we open a new account?

Adding & Transferring Funds

How can we add funds to our account?
A donor at our church wants to transfer stock to our UCF account. What is the process?
How do we transfer money between UCF funds?

Withdrawing Funds

How do we withdraw from our account?
Can you send us a check?
What is the turnaround time on deposits/withdrawals?
Do you charge fees for withdrawals?
Can we request a withdrawal from the online account system?
How do we change our reinvestment to receive income?

Your Account & Online Access

Our Treasurer/authorized signer has changed. How do we change the signatories?
How do we notify you of an address or staff change?
How can I get a current or past statement of our account?
Can I view my account(s) online?

About UCF Investments

How can I find out what stocks UCF holds in its portfolio?
Can individuals invest with United Church Funds?
Where can I get information about performance?
What is due diligence?
What is the difference between market value and book value?
Are UCF investments federally guaranteed?
Do you have a Certificate of Deposit investment?

About United Church Funds

Why should we invest with UCF rather than with a commercial investment manager?
How do you keep your fees low?
Can someone come meet with our church to discuss an investment with UCF?
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