May 2024 Market Review

This article summarizes the markets and our funds’ performance for the month of May 2024, provided by our Chief Investment Strategist David A. Klassen.

Office Closure: Observing and Celebrating Juneteenth

United Church Funds offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in commemoration of Juneteenth. Please send your enquiries to [email protected]. We will respond to any client communications when normal business hours resume on Thursday, June 20.

UCF Stands Firm in Fighting Plastic Pollution

UCF has filed a shareholder resolution – in collaboration with As You Sow – urging ExxonMobil to confront its role in the production of single-use plastics. This resolution resulted in a lawsuit attack launched by ExxonMobil to silence shareholder voices. Click to read more.

UCF’s Commitment to Racial Justice

UCF reflects on the fight for racial equity and shares on the progress on maintaining diversity across the organization. Click to view and download the infographic.

UCF Urges Vote Against Tesla Mega Pay Package

As a Tesla shareholder, UCF recently co-signed a letter to fellow shareholders urging a vote against this pay package, along with the re-election of two Tesla Board directors who have demonstrated a lack of independence and fiduciary duty. Click to read more.