UCC Financial Ministries

UCC Financial Ministries work to help protect and grow churches. Learn more by downloading the brochure.

FedEx Agrees to Greater Transparency on Climate Lobbying Activities

UCF and PBUCC announced today that as the result of their joint shareholder resolution filed this past April, FedEx Corporation has agreed to enhance public disclosure of its climate lobbying activities. Read more.

August 2022 Market Review

This article summarizes the markets and our funds’ performance for the month of August 2022, provided by our Chief Investment Strategist David A. Klassen.

What ESG Can – and Can’t – Do

After a decade of increasing acceptance, the Environmental, Social and Governance movement has faced a political backlash of late, particularly against the “E” goals around the climate crisis. In this article, Matthew Illian, Director of Responsible Investing, provides an insight into how this event can be an opportunity for investors to gain greater clarity on ESG’s role in responsible investing and an understanding of what it can – and can’t – do.