UCF Awards $174K in Pastoral Scholarships

UCF today announced that it has awarded a total of $174,000 to 32 scholarship recipients representing 17 UCC conferences through the Helen and Richard Brown Endowment for Pastoral Scholarships. These grants will provide much-needed funds to these scholars as they pursue their continuing pastoral education. Read more.

March 2022 Market Review

This article summarizes the markets and our funds’ performance for the month of March 2022, provided by our Chief Investment Strategist David A. Klassen.

“Keeping the Faith”: The ICCR’s 50th Anniversary Gala

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility celebrated its 50th anniversary as a coalition of faith- and values-based investors on March 31. UCF and the UCC played prominent roles at the gala. Read more!

Will Russia’s War Set Back Sustainable Investing?

As the war in Ukraine rattles global energy markets, sustainable investors worry that the calls to address global climate concerns are getting drowned out by the cacophony of short-term energy needs. How does this affect the progress of sustainable investing?

Organizational Sustainability: Using the UNSDG as a Guide

In March, UCF led a workshop on organizational sustainability at the annual gathering of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries. The workshop uses the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for organizations to develop sustainability goals. View and download the presentation today.