February 2022 Market Review

This article summarizes the markets and our funds’ performance for the month of February 2022, provided by our Chief Investment Strategist David A. Klassen.

2021 Annual Report

UCF 2021 Annual Report highlights our commitment to responsible investing, as well as the 2021 investment commentary and market outlook, UCF’s financial position, updates regarding the Brown Endowment Scholarships and stories from our clients that illustrate how their missions and ministries are funded through our values-aligned investment strategies. Read and download today.

Norfolk Southern Releases Climate Lobbying Report in Response to Shareholder Resolution

In response to a 2021 shareholder resolution co-filed by UCF, Norfolk Southern has responded by releasing its first ever Climate Lobbying report and financial contributions to seven different trade associations.

UCF Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine and Russian Investment

Please read our statement regarding the crisis in Ukraine and Russian investment.