$1.3 Trillion Investor Coalition Probes Pharma on Opioid Accountability

UCF together with members of Investors for Opioid Accountability, a coalition of 30 treasurers, asset managers, faith-based, public and labor funds with over $1.3 trillion in assets, are filling multiple shareholder proposals on board oversight of business risks related to opioid at 10 opioid distributor and manufacturer companies.

Global Equity Diversification Proving Its Worth

David Klassen Chief, Investment Strategist and Michael de Guzman, Senior Portfolio Manager, co-authored the article that illustrates the importance of global equity diversification as a prudent investment practice.

Conflict of Interest Policy

United Church Funds’ Conflicts of Interest Policy is reviewed and signed annually by all members of the Board of Directors and Board committees. UCF certifies that no conflicts have been reported.