Three Steps to Start a Planned Giving Program

Stewardship in the Church is often limited to meeting next year’s budget by members giving out of their current income. Planned gifts, however, can transform your ministry or organization and fortify your endowment for the future.

Below are three steps to start a planned giving program:

Establish a Planned Giving Committee

Establish a separate committee consisting of three to eight members that represents a cross-section of the congregation or organization and clarify to whom the committee is accountable.

It is critical that members of the committee:

1. Are enthusiastic and have a vision for the mission,
2. Are generous in their giving and comfortable speaking about money, and
3. Have the support of the pastor, church council and boards, and congregation to ensure a successful program.

Establish or Review the Endowment Policy

The committee’s first task will be to create an endowment policy if one does not already exist. An endowment policy provides a road map and assures congregants that a formal process has been established to receive bequests and life-income gifts.

Promote the Planned Giving Program

United Church Funds can create a planned giving microsite on your behalf that reflects your ministry and will educate members on the importance of creating a legacy.

Your congregants will see how everyone can make a planned gift, how easy a well-planned gift can be and how they can direct their gifts to the areas the matter most to them. Most importantly, they will know that you stand ready to help them include your church or organization in their charitable plans.

Click here to view examples of the UCF microsites available for your Church or organization.

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