The Brown Scholars

Congratulations to the latest recipients
of The Richard & Helen Brown Scholarship for Pastoral Education!

The Brown Scholars, 2019-20

Ian Beason
Megan Berkowitz
Patricia Berry
Sara Branom
John Mark Bundy
Jamie Calloway-Hanauer
Jennifer Castle
Stacy Craig
Michael Ebersole
David Grim
Carla Halyard
Mark Harris
Katherine Henderson
Laura Hodges
Kauanoe Hoomanawanui
Tyler James
Skyler Keiter
Peter Kralovec-Kirchherr
Melissa McLean
Jacob Nault
Karen Pepmeier
Tarrah Vaupel
Michael Vollbrecht
Jeremy Wallace
Caleb White

Scholarship awards given to each Brown Scholar ranged from $3,500 to $8,500, with the amount of each scholarship based on the Brown Committee’s evaluation of each applicant based on the materials submitted.

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