UCF stands with investors calling for change after Duke coal ash spill

March 28, 2014

United Church Funds lent its voice to a strongly worded letter to Duke Energy’s Board of Directors, advising them to investigate the weaknesses that led to the devastating Dan River Coal Ash Spill. Led by the Nathan Cummings Institute, a fellow … Continue »


Alarming words from an SEC commissioner

March 28, 2014

Securities and Exchange Commissioner Daniel Gallagher recently decried the corporate time and energy spent responding to shareholder proposals. In addition to indicating his belief that political spending resolutions were superfluous, Commissioner Gallagher made it clear that he believed the SEC … Continue »


Media makes Citi vote into a revolution

April 9, 2012

The say-on-pay vote at the recent Citi annual meeting did not support Vikram Pandit’s compensation package. The media is making it seem like this is the first of many advisory votes at American banks this year which will express discontent with … Continue »

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