Planned Giving Microsite for Your Church or Ministry

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United Church Funds (UCF), in collaboration with the United Church of Christ (UCC), is excited to announce the launch of its Planned Giving Microsite.

The UCF Planned Giving Microsite, designed exclusively for UCC churches and ministries, will provide them with the educational resources and marketing tools necessary to build a successful Planned Giving program at the local setting.

While planned giving resources have been available from the UCC for over forty years, UCF learned from working with clients that donors often do not know about opportunities to make a planned gift and organizations do not have the resources they need to promote it.

We also learned that donors are more inclined to have a conversation about making a planned gift if they could have that conversation with their pastor or members of the community they know and trust.

This initiative is designed to get more churches and ministries involved in planned giving with an online presence. United Church Funds will provide must-have content and the flexibility to tailor the Microsite to reflect the culture and objectives of your church and ministry.


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