About our Expense Ratios

Committed to keeping our expenses low and our reporting transparent, United Church Funds’ maintains fully-inclusive (informally referred to as “all-in”) expense ratios for all of our funds. Each fund incurs a single charge against investment income — rather than charges against an investor’s account — that includes all manager, administrative, transaction and custody expenses. UCF’s funds are not subject to 12b-1 fees or sales commissions. Expense ratios are charged to funds on a quarterly basis before performance in calculated.

Managed Funds Fee Funds of Funds Fee
Cash & Equivalent 0.00% Total Equity 1.04%
Fixed Income 0.63% Conservative Balanced 0.82%
Domestic Core Equity 0.66% Moderate Balanced 0.91%
Small Cap Equity 0.95% Aggressive Balanced 0.97%
International Equity 1.25% Alternatives Balanced 1.09%
Alternatives 1.61% Beyond Fossil Fuels Balanced 0.93%
Beyond Fossil Fuels 1.10%

For more information, please review the Funds Description Statement, which UCF provides in lieu of a prospectus.

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