Investor Services

United Church Funds investors include a range of UCC-related organizations —

  • 872 local churches
  • 25 conferences & 24 associations
  • 24 health & welfare (CHHSM) institutions
  • four colleges & seminaries
  • four covenanted ministries
  • The Pension Boards & the UCC Board
  • 29 other UCC-related entities

Trust Services

While individuals may not invest directly, UCF does invest funds donated through the UCC’s planned giving programs. And for donors and churches wishing to endow a ministry without maintaining responsibility for managing the endowment, UCF offers complete trustee services — from helping to establish the endowment and its policies to overseeing distribution of proceeds. Trustee services are provided at no additional cost, giving donors the confidence that their legacy is being well managed, and offering the church more money for ministry.

For more information on planned giving programs, email or call 800-846-6822.

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