Congratulations to the latest recipients of
The Helen & Richard Brown Scholarship for Pastoral Education!

The Brown Scholars, 2021-2022

Jeffrey, Acido
Sean Amato
Kearstin Bailey
Patricia Boyle-Wight
Madison Chau
Staci Cooper
Zaria Davis
Julia Gaughan
Sophia Hayden
Toby Hedgepeth
Kathy Heisler
Brittany Hicks
Julia Horner
Lahoma Howard
Alexander King
Andrew Kranzman
Mark Lindberg
Heath K. McDougal-Deans
Gayle McGlauflin
Stephanie Oelrich
Natalie Owens-Pike
Edwin Peres, Jr.
Alysha Petry
Christopher Ray
John Ristow
Elisabeth Seymor
Amanda Sheldon
Rene Slataper
Belinda Sledge
Adam Spory
Everette Thompson
Christopher Williams

Scholarship awards given to each Brown Scholar ranged from $3,000 to $8,000, with the amount of each scholarship based on the Brown Committee’s evaluation of each applicant based on the materials submitted.