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The United Church of Christ 2013 General Synod resolution, Urging Divestment – And Other Strategies – From Fossil Fuel Companies, has empowered and implored individuals to do their part in creating a future less dependent on carbon-based fuels and resources. Use this page as an jumping off point for action —

Explore the Beyond Fossil Fuels fund

United Church Funds is proud to have launched the Beyond Fossil Fuels Fund, an offering that gives United Church of Christ endowments and organizations a way to direct their large cap domestic core investments in a way that does not include the companies involved in exploration and production of oil and gas and coal companies. If your church is determining how to respond to the urgency of climate change, please consider an investment in the Beyond Fossil Fuels fund. To learn more, please contact staff at 877-806-4989 (Toll Free).

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