Investment Committee

At United Church Funds (UCF), we are blessed with a cadre of highly skilled professionals who offer their time and share their expertise for no monetary reward. In the for-profit world, corporate board members receive handsome compensation for their time and service. Our Board Members’ incredible gift of time and service enables UCF to benefit from the wisdom of individuals who could easily sit on the boards of large mutual funds, but who instead place their talents in the church’s service. Their volunteer service on our board saves UCF thousands of dollars and ensures that our investors pay some of the lowest fees available. We’re proud of the people who serve the United Church of Christ in this way, and honor their contribution.

Ms. Lisa Hinds*, Chair
The Rev. Dr. Charles Buck**
Mr. Dennis Bushe
Ms. Fran M. Coopersmith
Ms. Edith Guffey*
Mr. Douglas S. Hatfield
Mr. Nesa Joseph*
The Rev. Gwendolyn V. Kirkland*

* Member of the Board of Directors

** Ex-officio

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