Private Prison Contracts To Be Curtailed by the Department of Justice

August 18, 2016

United Church Funds is proud to have played a small part in criticizing the conduct of private prisons and celebrates today’s news that the Department of Justice is seeking to limit their contracts with private prison companies. The Department of Justice’s move highlights the lack of proper oversight, controls and transparency these companies have over protecting incarcerated populations. For several years, United Church Funds co-led an effort with Corrections Corporation of America to be more transparent around their lobbying efforts. To learn more, please see a Washington Post report here.

In an effort to live out the United Church of Christ’s justice mission, we continue our work regarding incarceration and formerly incarcerated populations by being part of a Fair Chance Hiring Coalition which encourages corporations to examine their hiring practices. Our effort is to encourage companies to hire formerly incarcerated individuals and to remove barriers to hiring those candidates.

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