Fossil fuels at General Synod

June 27, 2013

Climate change FAQ coverAt General Synod 29 in Long Beach CA, the issue of fossil fuel divestment is a hot topic. United Church Funds has been in close and continuing conversation with the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, whose Massachusetts Conference sponsored the resolution Urging Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies, seeking a way to work in covenant to achieve the goal of addressing climate change.

United Church Funds remains concerned about the impact of divestment-related actions on our portfolios — and on our investors’ endowments that comprise those portfolios. We have committed to prioritizing climate change in our social responsibility engagements, and are seeking ways to use our ownership of fossil fuel-related companies to demand positive action on carbon emissions and overall care of Creation. The resolution goes to Committee on June 30 for deliberation and possible amendment, and will be voted by General Synod on Monday.

Click here to download our resource, Addressing Climate Change, which highlights the issues and challenges of fossil fuel divestment and United Church Funds’ commitments for our work on climate change. This document also includes UCF’s Statement of Position on the Use of Economic Leverage.

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