The Brown Scholars

Congratulations to the latest recipients
of The Richard & Helen Brown Scholarship for Pastoral Education!

The Brown Scholars, 2018-19

Katey Alexander
Kelly Archer
Patricia Berry
Emma Brewer-Wallin
Mary Kate Buchanan
John Mark Bundy
Jamie Calloway-Hanauer
Stacy Craig
Taylor Dabney
Candace Datz
Caroline (Chase) Dost
Jennifer Einspahr
Mallory Everhart
Brenda Fluitt
Josefina Gabuya
Forrest Genthner
David Grim
Jennifer Hagedorn
Carla Halyard
Mark Harris
Katherine Henderson
Kauanoe Hoomanawanui
Katherine Jackson
Tyler James
Ruth Jefferies
Judith Johnson
Laura Keating
Julie Keefer
Samuel Kinsman
Josh Lee
Melissa McLean
Timothy (Teddy) Mowrey
Karen Pepmeier
Nicole Shaw
Tarrah Vaupel
Michael Vollbrecht
Jeremy Wallace
Lynn Young
LaToya Young

Scholarship awards given to each Brown ScholarĀ rangedĀ from $1,300 to $6,210, with the amount of each scholarship based on the Brown Committee’s evaluation of each applicant based on the materials submitted.

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