Mission, Vision & Values


Invest responsibly. Strengthen ministry.


United Church Funds strives to be a trusted partner in transformation.
Transforming generosity — investing our clients’ funds wisely to grow money for ministry.
Transforming capitalism — using shareholder engagement and activism to improve the way business is done.
Transforming our environment — evolving as individuals and an organization to better serve our investors and our world.
Transforming the future — helping accomplish God’s work on the planet for generations to come.


Our core values help us guide and measure our plans and our actions, as individuals and as an organization —

We seek to operate at the highest level — accurate, high-performing, professional, reliable, sustainable — leading in our industry and delivering wow!

Never content with the status quo, we encourage creativity and reward initiative — continually seeking what’s next.

In every action and interaction, we seek to perform accountably, ethically, transparently — stewarding our relationships, our financial resources and our human assets.

Responding to the call of our faith to a spirit of abundance and joy, we seek to create a climate of gladness in our interactions, our practices and our organizations life.

While we serve in a commercial environment, we ground our work in service to the faith-based community — guided by our mutual goal to accomplish God’s work in the world.

In the tradition of our faith, we meet clients, colleagues and all others where they are and engage them with respect — honoring their gifts and grounding our interactions in a spirit of welcome.

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