Aligning Investment with Your Values

Socially Responsible Investing refers to investment strategies that seek not only to provide financial return but remain consistent with moral values and have a positive impact on society. In other words, SRI offers investors the opportunity to align their investments with their values.

Action-Oriented Strategies

At United Church Funds (UCF), our SRI platform is founded on the belief that good corporate governance, social justice and environmental sanctity are essential when investing on behalf of our clients. Our SRI strategy is founded on three strategies:

Shareholder Engagement. Using our ownership positions as a bullhorn for progress, UCF collaborates with other concerned investors through shareholder resolutions and corporate dialogues to encourage better corporate practices. We believe sustainable corporations represent good long-term investments.

Proxy Voting. Every year, UCF has the opportunity to live out progressive values by voting on the annual ballots of companies in which we have holdings. We vote in accordance with our Proxy Voting Guidelines, which are designed to promote board diversity, human rights, equal pay and many other societal improvements.

Exclusionary Screening. United Church Funds recognizes that some profits are made at the expense of the common good. Exclusionary screening prevents investment in companies that derive significant revenue from products that undermine human rights or our environment. We use the historical teachings of the Church, General Synod resolutions and research provided by third-party vendors to implement our screens.

Building a Just and Sustainable World

As a faith-based investor, UCF is a partner in building a more just and sustainable world, while responsibly managing invested assets to maximize returns. Our duty requires that we consider the impact of our actions on asset allocation and portfolio diversification, as well as the ability to attract and retain the best managers for our clients.

Our clients can have peace of mind knowing their investments provide competitive performance, reflect their values, holds corporations accountable and pursues sustainable profitability.

Click here to read more about our SRI initiative and progress or contact us to discuss on how to align your investments with your values!

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