About UCF

Established in 1909, United Church Funds (UCF) offers a family of 13 professionally managed, well-diversified and socially responsible investment funds to over 1,000 churches, conferences, associations and other ministries of the United Church of Christ. At present, UCF manages over $800 million in assets — from small church reserve accounts to some of the denomination’s historic endowments.

Investors in UCF’s funds benefit from a range of advantages, including —

  • Thirteen funds offering broad diversification to minimize risk
  • Lower fees for active management by top managers using a range of styles
  • A socially responsible portfolio and active shareholder engagement
  • Continuous evaluation of manager performance to strengthen returns
  • A not-for-profit structure that reduces costs

Investing with United Church Funds, churches and other UCC ministries enjoy the best practices of modern portfolio management while remaining faithful to the values of the United Church of Christ. We seek solid investment performance with a purpose: to make more money available for your ministry.

Want more information? Email us or call us toll-free at 877-806-4989.

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